About Virtual Beauty

The Company :

"What makes this subject tick?" is the first question we ask when creating films and multimedia projects for our clients. And the answer is always experiential whether it's a green activist creating a fragrance or a team designing a prosthetic arm.

In our films at the intersection of design, engineering, science, and beauty the sensibility is equal parts Vogue and Popular Mechanics. Virtual Beauty's projects range from short form videos for smart phone APPS to organizer/documentary producer for a symposium on scent sponsored by MOMA and The New School.

The Founder :

Jane Nisselson is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab and worked at the New York Institute of Technology as a software developer and animator before opening Virtual Beauty. Along with other VB projects, she is working on grant funded film shorts on both the molecule and diagrams.

The Talent :

Alex Bingham / Editor

Nobody has a sense of narrative like the English! Alex moved from Lincolnshire (home of Sir Isaac Newton) to NYC to paint. As an editor, her skill in constructing a narrative from stunning visuals (no matter how complex the subject) has been integral to the Virtual Beauty style.

Seungjoo Lee / Motion Graphics Designer

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Seungjoo completed the BFA Graphic Design program and MFA Design program at School of VISUAL ARTS. His work has garnered awards from the AIGA, HOW International Design Awards, CMYK, Graphis, and others.