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Headspace: On Scent as Design
Birsel + Seck

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Project Description

Virtual Beauty was one of the organizers of this one day symposium on the conception, impact, and potential applications of scent. The event features included the work of scientist Dr. Leslie Vosshall, Rockefeller University and dialogues between 4 groups of perfumers and designers with Chandler Burr, fragrance critic.

We filmed short documentaries on each group of "accidental perfumers" as they explore scent as a new territory for design. The challenge was to evoke an emotional engagement to the invisible medium of scent.

This film documents experience designer, Ayse Birsel, conjuring threshold moments in life through fragrance.

Collaborators: Designer Ayse Birsel, Birsel + Seck; IFF perfumers Celine Barel and Laurent Le Guernec.

Client: Headspace: On Scent as Design. A symposium from Parsons the New School for Design and MoMA, in collaboration with IFF, Seed, and Coty.

Interview: Seed Magazine, "Scent as Design".