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Electromagnetic Spectrum

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Project Description

This science film examines the power of electromagnetic force, whose energy can both enable a cell phone call and rip apart an atom. One of the four fundamental forces of nature, this force permeates our everyday world — but hasn't captured the public imagination in the way gravity has.

This film is in the tradition of the Eames science films: communicating a basic science phenomena via an apparently non-scientific situation. In this case, a ping-pong match symbolically conveys a visceral sense of the force as its energy increases. The soundtrack is an essential part of the mix. The score was written by Pat Irwin as part of the narrative moving through the spectrum and recorded with an orchestra.

Why the electromagnetic force? As one of four fundamental forces of nature, it describes the interaction between very, very small things: atoms. The film attempts to create an intuitive awareness of this almost entirely invisible energy and connect the dots between its effects in our daily life. According to its frequency, the same force can both carry a radio program and penetrate a transatlantic flight with as much radiation as a full set of dental x-rays.

Distinction: Winning entry on WNET's Reel New York film series.

Press: Featured in CoolHunting.

Production Credits:

Director of photography: Jane Nisselson
Gaffer: Oz Lubling
Editor Alex Bingham
Ping pong player 01: Briony Barr
Ping pong player 02: Kristin Barr
Composer: Pat Irwin
Music Mix & Recording: Alex Davis