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Segment: Linus Pauling

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Project Description

Documentary filmmaker Jane Nisselson has used her residency in the Oregon State University Libraries to build the foundation of a film project documenting the importance of scientific model making to researchers past, present and future.

According to Nisselson, the project — a feature-length film which she hopes to have completed in two years — is not meant to be a scientific history of model-making, per se. Rather, she hopes for the documentary to answer two primary questions: 1) Is science a visual process as opposed to a purely mathematical pursuit? 2) Looking forward, how might molecular modeling evolve as new molecules are designed for use in all types of endeavors, both commercial and academic.
The Pauling Blog

Filmed segment:

Raw footage of a selection of Linus Pauling's molecular models. Intended to convey the aesthetic quality of the structure and materials of scientific models engineered at Cal Tech. Pauling, "the Einstein of chemistry" was a 2 times Nobel prize winning scientist. Filmed at the Helen and Linus Pauling Papers at the Special Collections, University Libraries, Oregon State University.


Marcus Burnett and Eric Edwards. Music: Pat Irwin. Special thanks to Cliff Mead.

Distinction: Resident Scholar program research grant